SL police reject kidney racket behind Indian’s death

April 20, 2014

ssp ajith rohanaSri Lankan police rejected reports of a suspected kidney racket behind the death of a 26-year-old Indian, saying he died of heart failure.

Police in Hyderabad were probing a suspected Colombo- based kidney racket following death of Dinesh, who had arrived here looking for a job late last month but died day’s later, media reports said.

His family had alleged foul play behind his death after accessing his conversation on social media and emails he had with an agent who offered him a job in Colombo following kidney transplantation.

“This young man from Andhra Pradesh in South India had died due to a blocked artery. So it was a case of heart failure,” police spokesman and Superintendent Ajith Rohana said.

“Both his kidneys were found to be in good order according to medical tests,” Rohana added.

He said the investigations carried out by the central Colombo’s Maradana police had pointed to no racket whatsoever.

“If people can come up with information on a kidney transplant racket, the police will investigate them,” he said.

A media report said exploiting desperate patients in need of immediate kidney transplant and healthy individuals caught in financial hardships, an international organ trafficking mafia is luring people into buying and selling kidneys for huge amounts.

The racket is thriving in South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, it said. (PTI)


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