Master Ravin Bandara to represent Sri Lankan-Australians

April 18, 2014

Master Ravin Bandara to represent Sri Lankan-AustraliansSri Lankan Consulate General in Sydney yesterday said the Consulate General nominated Master Ravin Bandara Galapathy to represent Sri Lankan-Australians and meet with William and Katherine at the Sydney Opera House, Australia.

Dressed in Sri Lanka’s national dress, and the Kurahan Satakaya as a honour to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Ravin was invited to meet the British Royal Couple, have his photo with them and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Trophy. (A boy from each competing nations of the Cricket World Cup were selected.) Ambassador Bandula Jayasekara, Consul General in New South Wales and Queensland expressed his thanks to Michael Christo,  Manager- Government and Stakeholder Relations for giving him the opportunity to select a young Sri Lankan-Australian representative.

Courtesy: Daily news

Master Ravin Bandara to represent Sri Lankan-Australians_

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