Eelapathiswaraar the God Father of TOSIS in UK

May 1, 2014

US State DepartmentIn its latest annual report on terrorism, the US State Department Bureau of Counterterrorism says the LTTE employed charities as fronts to collect and divert funds for their activities.
Intelligence gathering of LTTE was most complex and most secret one in UK. It is evident in the works of Rajasingham Jayadevan. He laid the foundation for the intelligence activities of the tigers in London. He started the Eelam House, Secretariat in London with the cooperation of Fr. Immanuel. Though he worked in the Eelam House for a long period, he had his contacts strengthened with the intelligence wing of tigers. He became the known figure in the LTTE’s intelligence wing after Eelam House went into the hands of Manivannan (alias Castro), the former head of the LTTE‟s international network.
Initially Rajasingham Jayadevan carried out the instructions given by the intelligence wing over sat.telephone. Rajasingham Jayadevan worked for intelligence wing zealously in the contradiction that the father of Castro’s lover Nagendram Seevaratnam. Former head of international finance of the LTTE. Founder of Sivayogam Trust second married Rajasingham Jayadevan’s sister. He established Tamil Guardian journal there with TOSIS advice from Vanni over the phone. Rajasingham Jayadevan got out of the journal after Prabakaran handed it over to the Manivannan (alias Castro), the former head of the LTTE‟s international network. He initiated legal measures according to the consultation of the LTTE Intelligence head when the ban was set in London against LTTE’s political activities in the UK. He founded EELAPATHEESWARAR AALAYAM Pavitt Hall, Union Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 4AU. Phone: 02089023238, Temple with the permission of tigers Intelligence head Poddu amman to yield a static income to the Intelligence movement. He used the money earned through the temple to purchase weapons, and High satellite telephone instruments were purchased and exported to the intelligence wing of the tigers. This temple was instrumental to make intelligence wing act independently with static income or asking money from the LTTE’s financial wing chief, Subarathnam Selvatureiy alias Thamilendi or other department because TOSIS need its own income to do operations.
In compliance with the instruction from the intelligence wing, he purchased a hideaway place for suicide bombers in the station road of Colombo wellawatta for tigers Intelligence wing in the name of his brother Rajasingham Narendran, Money sends by the LTTE from UK to by this Hose. After that, He gave GBP 5,000 to Ajith, a bodyguard of Prabakaran, to use for an activity in South part of Srilanka. Thereafter, he visited Vanni by himself, according to the guidance of the LTTE Intelligence command to look after the investment activities of the LTTE and kept a watch of the Castro group. He was consulting with Pottu Amman – the leader of intelligence wing, Ramanan / azar – the head of the international intelligence wing, and Charles – the military intelligence and made the faults committed by Castro group, the former head of the LTTE‟s international network  in London clear to them. But Manivannan (alias Castro), the former head of the LTTE‟s international network was well able to prevent Rajasingham Jayadevan from meeting Prabakaran. Because Castro was well aware that once Rajasingham Jayadevan met Prabakaran, Manivannan (alias Castro) would lose his designation as the intelligence wing and Poddu Amman was fully into the back of Rajasingham Jayadevan. Rajasingham Jayadevan travelled between Colombo and Vanni to carry out the instruction of the tigers Intelligence wing to execute Douglas Devananda because both of them studied together in Jaffna. He met Douglas in Colombo during his stay in Vanni in Poddu Amman. As his UK citizenship was not proper in London because of his Terrorist activities, he continued to live in Vanni with his Sri lankan passport and backed up the LTTE intelligence wing with his advices and carried out meetings with Pottu Amman in his visiting hours. He spread false news that he had been abducted by tigers in order to get a British passport. This tactic helped him obtain (disqualified) British citizenship. In Britain, he suddenly transferred the properties of tigers Intelligence wing in London in his name to prevent Castro group from taking over the properties (court order).  This measure was strongly supported by the tigers Intelligence wing. Once returned from Vanni when he reiterated his stand point in TBC Radio in UK, he made it clear that he was very much helped by the intelligence wing  Poddu Amman wing when he had been in Vanni and he used to respect the martyrs and confirmed that he had been a tiger in Vanni and everywhere. He also cleared it that he had had contradicted only with Castro group because of LTTE properties in the UK.
After coming from Vanni, He participated in the funeral of the father of Ajit, the bodyguard of Prabakaran and sat along with all leaders in Ajit’s house in UK. At that time, he made it to the leadership that he deceived the British government, Home office and MI6 to get his British passport and contradicted with an only Castro group to correct their faults and endeavored to establish income based businesses for the Poddu amman’s intelligence wing. He continued his services for the intelligence wing.
After the arrest of A.C.Santhan in London, he took steps to protect the LTTE Intelligence wing’s temple in London. He cut his relationship with Nagendram Seevaratnam who married his sister and strengthened his contacts only with the intelligence wing. He acted as an ardent adviser of the LTTE intelligence wing. After 2009, he started to work as an advisor of  the LTTE’s Vinayagam group know as LTTE Head quarters,  according to the instruction of the intelligence wing and joined TBC radio as a financial share holder and took over it in his control. He is contributing to the TRT Tamil Oli run by LTTE Intelligence wing member Mr. Thrshan in Paris, France, the French radio of the tigers and shows that being run by Pulikutti in Swiss, an operator of PLOTE, is the website of tigers and thus misleads the Sinhalese. This particular website was started in 2004 and operating till today, but started in 2004 and stopped in 2006 now for sale by US web company for 10 thousand US dollars. In 2005, LTTE Castro’s deputies, Nanthagopan issued an official statement that this website did not belong to the tigers any departments or members are not allowed to have connections or not allowed to give news to that website, LTTE has taken this official order after LTTE’s NITHARSHANAM wing head Mr. Seralathan made an official complaint to V. pirapakaran that someone misusing Nidharshanam name same as similar to LTTE name. Since then this website has been inoperative. But PLOTE activist is still operating this website from Swiss. But Rajasingham Jayadevan uses his all resources to the good of the tigers Intelligence wing, and even now GBP 2 hundred thousand pounds coming through the temple for the operation of the intelligence wing of LTTE. The EELAPATHEESWARAR AALAYAM Temple is the spinal cord of the Vinayagam group of the intelligence wing of tigers. He always reiterates that, can write about him and abducted him, he repeats only according to the instructions of the tigers Intelligence wing.
All this written with his voice evidence what he said on the TBC radio after came from one.
– Norway news

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