Ex-LTTE Leader Elilan’s wife Anandhi Sasitharan Should be Thankful to Smart Lawyer MA Sumanthiran for Silencing her in Geneva and Preventing a Major Disaster

March 10, 2014

UNHRC 2012 vote

by Gamini Gunawardane

According to the headline news item of The Island’ of March 8 titled Ms. Anandhi Sasitharan, Member of Northern Provincial Council had alleged that Mr. Sumanthiran MP had silenced her in Geneva. Her allegation is that the MP had ” deprived of the opportunity to address UNRC members at a recent crucial meeting in Geneva”.

I think Mr. Sumanthiran was right! The problem would have been, if some bright spark had asked her, if she was the wife of Terrorist leader Elilan how she was spared by the ‘ruthless, genocidal and war crimes committing’ Sri Lankan Army and how she was allowed to contest an election and also how she was allowed by the ‘Human Rights violating’ Sri Lanka government to travel freely to Geneva to make representations against the government?

Then the whole façade of the false allegations made against the Sri Lankan government by UNHC High Commissioner and the US and UK would collapse! In fact she would be doing a better job in arguing the Sri Lankan case than the Sri Lankan delegation in removing the main plank on which the allegations made against Sri Lanka.

Mr. Sumanthiran being a smart lawyer would have seen through the looming danger. In her naiveté, Ms. Sasitharan did not see the wisdom of Mr. Sumanthiran in preventing a major disaster for them which if not done would have rendered all the propaganda, lobbying and Channel 4 etc. in misleading the whole world, would have been exposed. She should really be thankful to Mr. Sumanthiran.


The Editor

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