Mannar Bishop accused of treason

March 20, 2014

mannar bishop rayappuMannar Bishop Rev. Rayappu Joseph is accused of carrying out activities to mislead the international community against Sri Lanka.

This Bishop who has written to various international organizations against Sri Lanka has written to United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) recently emphasizing that an interim government should be established for the administration of the North.

Minister Wimal Weerawansa has accused Bishop of trying to destabilize the country by siding with Western forces.  He said that the Bishop is spreading false propaganda among members of the international community saying that Tamils are subjected to abuse by the Sinhala majority in the country.

The Minister pointed out that Bishop Rayappu Joseph who blatantly collaborated with the tiger terrorists during the time of the war has written to the UN saying that the Tamils are being maltreated by the Sinhala majority. The Minister said that this is the current mission that he is tasked with.

The Minister said that the UNHRC is hurling accusations at the government stating that human rights violations have occurred and that the Tamil women in the North are being abused by the Army.

He said that the Tamil National Alliance, meanwhile, is conjuring accusations out of thin air. Consequently at one point, Bishop Joseph’s request would be taken to the UN General Assembly. Once there, this proposal would be voted upon and under the supervision of the UN, a sovereign regime would be established in the North. The Minister said that Bishop Joseph is trying to accomplish through the UN what the LTTE failed to win by war.

Courtesy: Department of Government Information

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