Nominations from July 30 to Aug 6 for Uva polls

July 17, 2014

The Election Department will receive nominations for Uva Provincial Council polls from July 30 to August 6. The government dissolved the Uva PC on July 11.

The Election Department spokesperson said: “Deposits will be accepted from the date of notice of nomination until, 1200 noon on 05.08.2014, the day before the last date of nominations. If no nomination is received, another nomination period will be declared, if only one nomination is received and it is accepted, such political party or independent group will be declared elected uncontested. If an election is to be conducted, the date of poll will be announced after having considered the number of nominations accepted.

It is hereby announced that the number of members to be nominated from each party or group for Badulla and Monaragala Districts will be 21 and 17, while the number of members to be returned to each district will be 18 and 14 respectively, the secretary of the party or the independent group which receives the highest number of votes for the whole Uva Province, may nominate two candidates according to his discretion for bonus seats.”


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