“Lanka Darshanam”, a Malayali Travalogue launched in New Delhi

May 8, 2014

“Lanka Darshanam”, a Malayali Travalogue launched in New Delhi

“Lanka Darshanam”, a Malayali language travelogue narrative on Sri Lanka, written by popular Malayali writer, poet and social activist S.P. Namboothiry, was released in Delhi, on 7 May 2014, in the presence of a large gathering including prominent Indian civil servants from Kerala and Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to India, Prasad Kariyawasam.

Popularly known as SP, Namboothiry hails from Kerala’s Kottayam district, and he has authored a number of books on various subjects. Lanka Darshanam is his latest book. SP has been inspired to write Lanka Darshanam, during his many expeditions in and around India and Sri Lanka.

Addressing the gathering, High Commissioner Kariyawasam said that SP’s book is timely since Sri Lanka is now enjoying peace, stability and economic progress and important due to geographical proximity of Kerala and Sri Lanka and many age old affinities that bind the two regions together. Sri Lanka’s relations with India goes back to ancient times and during Emperor Ashoka’s reign the greatest gift from India – the Buddhism – was received by Sri Lanka.

Prof. Dr. Cyriac Thomas, former Vice Chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi University of Kerala, Justice Cyriac Joseph, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India and member of the Human Rights Commission of India as well as T.K.Jose, Chairman of the Coconut Development Board of India also addressed the gathering, paying tribute to S.P. Namboothiry for his passion and dedication for enlightening Malayali readers on various subjects and now on Sri Lanka.

The English translation of “Lanka Darshanam” is under way and addressing the gathering, author Namboothiry expressed his strong desire to release a Sinhalese translation as well.

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