Don’t ask for a presidential election till 2016 -MR

March 30, 2014

president mahinda

President Mahinda Rajapaksa told journalists that no presidential election would be held till 2016 at a meeting at D. A.Rajapaksa Maha Vidyalaya, Medamulana on March 29.

He said so after he and Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa, and MP Namal Rajapaksa had cast their votes (at the polling centre at D.A Rajapaksa Maha Vidyalaya) at the Southern Provincial Council election.

The president said that the people were taking intelligent decisions and, as a result, the UPFA would gain landslide victories at the Western and Southern Provincial Council elections. He said the people of this country respected democracy and would not betray the motherland.

When asked about the Geneva resolution, he said the government would hold elections democratically and the people would vote intelligently.

The President had a friendly chat with the people who had come to vote.  (Sanath Gamage)


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