India had cheated SL Tamils: TNA

March 28, 2014

R. Sampanthan mpThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) opposed India for its decision to abstain from the US sponsored resolution in UNHRC which was passed today (27).

TNA MP Suresh Premachandran told foreign media that India had cheated the Sri Lankan Tamils by the stance it had taken with regard to the resolution.

However TNA Parliamentary group leader R. Sampanthan commenting on the matter told Daily Mirror that India must have had some reasons to abstain from voting for the resolution.

“We will come to know the reasons behind India’s stance in due course and we don’t want to comment on these now,” he added.

However Mr. Sampanthan welcomed the resolution and said his party hopes that the Sri Lankan Government would cooperate with the UNHRC in implementing the resolution.

He added that TNA is ready to play a role in this process together with the Sri Lankan Government.

“This resolution is a victory for all Sri Lankans who struggle for truth, justice and reconciliation,” he further said.

Courtesy: (Yohan Perera)


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